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Code of Conduct by the Heli-skioperators within the Swedish Mountain Guides Association

So far Sweden has had very limited regulation around heli-skiing which has allowed the volume of the industry to increase from year on year. Obviously there is a limit to how much traffic an area can tolerate out of respect to the ecosystem, reindeer keeping, local inhabitants and other tourism. Recent friction between conflicting interests indicate that a limit has been reached at which action needs to be taken to address the current situation and future development. In November 2017 the heli-skioperators within the Swedish Mountain Guides Association jointly decided to operate according to the following Code of Conduct:

In order to guide heli-skiing one shall hold a IFMGA-certificate.

Visiting guides must cooperate with the established operators within the Swedish Mountain Guides Association. This is to facilitate safety, ensure adherence to local regulation and ensure a sustainable development.

In respect to other mountain tourism there shall be no landing at STF-mountainhuts.

All demands from the reindeer-industry must be respected and daily communication according to their requirement must be fulfilled. While heli-skiing radio channel Sverige P, 168,9375 MHz must be serviced. Note that reindeer herders cannot be required to communicate in English so capacity to communicate in Swedish must be available while heli-skiing.

Other tourism such as nordic skiing, skitouring, dog-sledding, skidoos and other mobile tourism must be respected. For example, this entails not planning to make a run which is approached by ski-tourers - this is achieved by gaining an overview via for example fly-by before landing.

Local regulation for the Kiruna mountain range:

It is accepted to land at the Kebnekaise mountain station and the Låkta cabin

During the opening period of the Kebnekaise mountain station or the Tarfala cabin heli- skiing shall not be carried out in the following areas:

- Kebnekaise summits
- Björlings glaciär
- Kebnetjåkka including personalbacken and Jökelbäcken - Toulpagourni
- Sydöstra Kaskasachåkkaglaciären
- Liljetoppsrännan
- Kebnepakteglaciären
- Isfallsglaciären
- Storglaciären
- Hydrologrännan

Established operators, points of contact:

Andreas Bengtsson:

Anders Bergwall:

Dick Johansson:

Johan Lindblom:

Stefan Palm:

The Swedish Mountain Guides Association requires all guides considering working with heli-skiing in Sweden to contact any of the managers of the established heli-skioperations to get informed about and involved in how to operate safely, sustainably and according to local practice and regulation.



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